Mattress Cleaning in Gold Coast

Mattress Cleaning & Maintenance

Admax Carpet & Pest Soltuions mattress cleaning in gold coast service can assist to improve your health and can assist with bed bugs removal. Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising in gold coast giving you a better sleep as well as prolonging the life of your mattress with the removal of allergens that over time get deposited on your mattress such as dust mites, skin flakes and bacteria. 

Dry Mattress Cleaning

Our Dry mattress cleaning includes vacuuming your mattress using a high-powered vacuum cleaner with ultraviolet light and HEPA filter, to remove dust mites, dust mite excrement and dead skin cells, then the mattress is treated with a anti-bacterial sanitizer to eliminate any lingering odours that may remain. 

Water Extraction Mattress Cleaning

The water extraction treatment includes cleaning of soiled areas, application of a anti-bacterial products while ensuring the application of cleaning solution does not penetrates well into the inner parts of the mattress which could cause rusting of the springs. 

Price List

Prices may vary depending on the condition of the mattress. Contact us for more details